4 Best Ways To Find an Internship

How to find an internship, where to find an internship, why to do an internship, etc. will be answered in this article.

How to find internships?

You’re here to get the answer to the question of how to get an internship here. There are multiple ways to get an internship, let’s go through them one by one.


Online or the Internet can be the best place to learn internship. Find internships on Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook. Again, you will find internships on the websites of various organizations.

Besides, you will get the news of local and international internships on the internshipbd.com website. Click the link below to find out about internship opportunities near you.


Establish relationships in advance with people in fields that interest you. In this, you can get offers or find internships as well as build sincere relationships with people.

Tell people you know about your interest in an internship. Also, build sincere relationships with new people.

Job fair

If you keep informed, you will know about various job fairs held in your organization, where you can find internships. Attend these job fairs, network with employers, and submit your CV.

Career Club

Most universities or colleges have career classes. Internship news comes regularly in these clubs, and from there you can apply if you get an internship at your convenience.

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Internship Preparation

Apply for an internship? Let’s know step by step how to prepare for an internship.

  • Be sure about the type of internship you want to do
  • What salary are you expecting from the internship? Or is gaining experience your main goal? Decide on that.
  • Make sure the internship is relevant to your career objectives
  • Acquire important skills such as internet usage, Microsoft Office, email writing, Bengali-English speaking and writing, etc
  • Take the necessary steps to improve communication skills
  • Prepare a CV or cover letter for the internship

Things to do during the internship

You got the internship by taking all the steps correctly, what to do now? Things to do during the internship are:

  • Gain skills that will be useful in real-life
  • Build good relationships with colleagues which may come in handy later in the form of recommendations
  • Gain practical insight into the industry from internships
  • Perform your duties well with professionalism

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Why do an internship?

Why should I do an internship – the answer to this question is unknown to many. Internship requirements are already detailed in our Internship Beginner’s Guide .

Nowadays applying for jobs without experience is quite a hassle. Most job postings will ask for experience. Internships come in handy to gain this real-world experience, enhance skills, and build a successful career.

Through internships, one learns about the corporate culture, improves communication skills, and learns about various aspects of office work. An internship is an easy way to gain practical experience before entering a job. Internships also build networks, which come in handy later when looking for a job.